The Best Islands in El Nido

El Nido is a paradise overflowing with the beauty of nature. From scenic landscapes to breathtaking beaches, El Nido is definitely worth the eight-hour land travel from the capital of Palawan, Puerto Princesa. It is a place that will bring you closer to nature than you ever imagined. It has more or less fifty islands that are filled with beaches, lagoons, and other miracles of nature. Once you travel to El Nido, you should be able to have an idea regarding the places that you can’t miss visiting. Among the islands, here are the best islands in El Nido.

The hidden beach is a paradise found in between karst structures. From its name, it is a beach that seems to be invisible from the boat because it lies behind a karst structure. The karst topography surrounding the place produces calm waters as compared to the open sea. For this reason, the hidden beach can be compared to an outdoor swimming pool blessed with reefs and marine creatures. The shallow depth of water in this area is a perfect area for families with children and kids.

If you are looking for a place to swim and relax at the same time, then the Big Lagoon is the place to be. It is spacious and surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Karst Mountains. It has a wide entrance wherein you need to walk for a couple of minutes before you reach the deeper part of the lagoon. You can definitely swim and enjoy this wonderful place. The deeper sea level makes this ideal for adults than young kids.

If you are the type who wants to have an adventure, then you should definitely not miss the Secret Beach. It has a small entrance that you have to swim through. The adventure here is that you have to enter just in time with the flow of the water as it goes through the entrance. This will carry you inside the secret beach. But you have to watch out for the rocks which you can bump in and can cause serious injuries. If you take a peek down in the water using your snorkeling gear, you will be amazed by how deep the water is. But you don’t have to worry because once you get inside, you can climb up a set of rocks that forms a platform with water just below your knees. There are even tubs that have water up to your waist. You can just sit and relax as you do in your hot tub while you swim with colorful reefs and fish. At the end of the platform is a small beach with white sand that is surrounded by mountains. It is definitely a small paradise especially if you want privacy and peace of mind.

You should also visit the Matinloc Shrine. It is an island that has a Chapel and grotto on top of a hill. The shrine was built as a tribute to the Blessed Mother Mary. The view from the grotto is indeed beautiful as you can overlook the mountains and blue seas.

These are just some of the islands in El Nido that you should not miss on your vacation trip. But you can always enjoy and explore the other islands in El Nido.

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