Palawan places you cannot miss out on!

Palawan, considered to be the Philippines’ premiere nature haven, boasts of the most scenic views of the ocean and an assortment of historical and cultural places. While you’re planning your trip to this beautiful island, take time to consider the following. Of course, you can always check Amika Travel and Tours packages which include all the places listed below!

Honda Bay – if you want to snorkel or dive, Honda Bay is the place to be. Make sure that even if you do not dive (although this would be a very big loss), that you get a hold of a Honda Bay island hopping tour. Some of Palawan’s most exclusive resorts are here too.

Underground River –nominated as one of the new 7 wonders of the world, this river is a complete ecosystem in itself. Unspoiled and truly a sight to behold, the underground river is also the sanctuary of a little less than two hundred species of birds. Major plus – the St. Paul Mountain Range.

Coron – A recent discovery, and what a marvelous one at that! There are seven lakes in Coron, mangroves, and beautiful dive sites too!

Amanpulo- Luxury. Beautiful, serene, and a place that will leave you wanting for more of the good life!


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