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  • Wanderlust?! Why Not!!

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  • The Princess Bakes Too!!!

    When the pandemic hit the Philippine shores and quarantine restrictions began last March 2020, Mich found a lot of time in her hands as most of their family’s tourism-related businesses… Read More

  • Tara sa Taraneman!

    With the strict travel restrictions both of people and of cargo when the pandemic forced all of us to limit our movement, goods and services became scarce. Even if you… Read More

  • My Workout Routine

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About Me

Hi everyone!   I'm Mich, I'm passionate about travel, business and simply growing. I was born and raised in the best island in the world- Palawan Philippines. Join me as I experience new things in this new normal.   I'm excited to share new experiences in this new normal, journey with me as I face different challenges and discover more of my island, Palawan =) Please like and share, see you on my next post....Read More

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