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This journey in the tourism and resort industry started when, at 19, she wrote in her journal her goals of being able to run and operate a travel agency in Palawan since she loved traveling, manage a resort in Palawan since she was fond of nice hotels and resorts, and put up a spa in Palawan since she loved going to these on weekends. Since she was such an advocate of Palawan, some of her classmates from the Digital Marketing Course she took at the Asian Institute of Management dubbed her as the ‘Palawan Princess’.

the Lady Boss

Coming up with her own blogs about Palawan and her travels as a project for that course prompted her to start Amika Travel and Tours in Puerto Princesa in 2010 and a branch in Coron in November 2015, Sophia’s Garden Resort in Coron in 2012, and Kamia Bay Resort in Puerto Princesa in 2013. As these business ventures were new to her family then, she feels blessed that they have always had her back in these pursuits and that she is assured of their continuous support.


With a number of properties and businesses under her leadership within the Tiotangco Cervantes Holding Corporation (TCHC), she keeps to her purpose of uplifting Palawan by inspiring young entrepreneurs, starting with her kapwa-Palawenos, to make their passion and potential possible.

Amika Travel & Tours

Discover each and every unique and learn from Mich when is the best time to go to Palawan and the greatest activities you can do!

Sophia’s Garden Resort

Get ready for the 1st and only bed and breakfast in Coron Palawan.

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Hi everyone!   I'm Mich, I'm passionate about travel, business and simply growing. I was born and raised in the best island in the world- Palawan Philippines. Join me as I experience new things in this new normal.   I'm excited to share new experiences in this new normal, journey with me as I face different challenges and discover more of my island, Palawan =) Please like and share, see you on my next post....Read More

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